Arms Aloft – The Truth Is Out There chords

[Verse 1]
F#m A DThe world's getting warmer
A DBut to hear them tell it you would swear it's getting flatter
F#m A D AThe former don't move units or sell ads, so run with the latter
F#m AWe know
D A F#m A DThe cameras and anchors conspire with the drones and the fucking gallows
ATo keep the hood on the hangman and profit margin up on the rope
[Interlude] A F#m A D A [Verse 2]
F#m AWe keep getting poorer
D ABut they swear we're fine cause we keep getting fatter
F#m A D AWhat's forward when our ballots are sandbags?
F#m ASo backwards so achingly slow
D ACartographers need carpetbaggers
F#m AThe cloak and the dagger: It flows
ASlick as the mix on the hits on Christian rock radio
Bm DYou can change the channel
A EOr take your chances overboard
BmLeft for dead or if you're lucky
DLeft alone for a while
A EBest case, a notch to the left of the dial
Bm D A G#mOr one in your belt from trying to feel how you felt before you found out the glaciers were all gonna melt,
F#m E DLet alone when news of new wars stopped hitting home
AIn your name but out of your control
[Verse 3]
F#m A DThe comet tail
AOf a tracer burns bright against a clear desert night
F#m A DWhile at home
A F#m AWe've got some new verses to write for "The Stars And Stripes Forever"
D A"Her folds protect no tyrant crew."
Just me and just you:
F#m A D AComplicit, hospital bombers, invaders
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