Arms – Whirring chords

 E  A 
 E  A 

[Verse 1]
E Let's go out on that wing
E Looking for things, getting excited
E A Talking slow, slower than usual then
E Take your father's advice
E Listen for signs, be very nice
E A It's all real, nothing's a joke to these kids
[Instrumental] A E D A E E C#m A E E C#m A [Pre-Chorus]
E Keep those killers at bay
E Knives in their face, send them away
E A It's like love, but you treat it in the usual way
A F#m A Now's the season
A E For smashing glasses
A F#m A F#m B Cast our shadows on tall fences
[Instrumental] A x4 E x4 A D D A x4 E E C#m A x2 [Verse 2]
E People, black and white films
E Girls talk to boys, boys talk to girls
E C#m A So noisy, playing simultaneously
E I wrote down all my thoughts
E To see what I thought, I gave it a shot
E C#m And there were thousands of spiraling dots
A F#m A Now's the season
D A D E For taking chances
A F#m Crooked smiles on crooked glances
[Outro] A E A F#m D C#m B A E A D A C#m B E C#m A E A E C#m A E
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