Ashley Hutchings – Lost In The Haze chords

[Verse 1]
GTo Hertfordshire we did ramble,
C G'Twas a cold, bleak Easter day,
C G G/F#The rain came down in showers
EmWe stopped along the way.
[Verse 2]
GSome sat on a bench for a moment,
C GWe two were side by side,
C G G/F#A hood covered most of your mystery,
EmI was open with nowhere to hide.
[Chorus 1]
DYou're pretty head nodded at small talk,
C G"What spires, what farms are those?"
C G G/F#We walked into our story
EmIn damp and lifeless clothes.
[Verse 3]
GFirst love doesn't pick the right moment,
C GIt strikes when your hair is distressed,
C G G/F#It comes when your shoes are muddy
EmAnd your hesitant timing's a mess.
[Instrumental verse] G C G C G G/F# Em [Verse 4]
GWe walked many miles in our story
C GBut it lasted less than a year.
C G G/F#Heaven never allowed an extension,
EmIf it did, we never did hear.
[Verse 5]
GI prayed for some sense to equip me
C GTo guide a young love such as ours,
C G G/F#But I was too young and too helpless
EmTo negotiate ways through the showers.
[Chorus 2]
DFirst love never runs like a movie
C GThere's silence, repairing and tears
C GIt gives you a reason for living
EmThen one day the dream disappears
[Instrumental chorus] D C G C G G/F# Em [Chorus 3]
DFirst love is something precious.
C GIt only comes once in your days,
C GYou spend your life trying to recapture
EmBut the details gets lost in the haze.
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