Austin Weber – Goodbye chords


Fm7 Bb7 Im done with romances
Gm7 Cm7I've taken all my second chances
Fm7 Bb7I've looked in the mirror
Gm7 Cm7Watch existential dread draw nearer
Fm7 Bb7Oh I thought I loved you
Ebmaj7 G#maj7Then I started asking why
Fm7 Bb7 Emaj7 G#maj7I guess this is goodbye...
Fm7 Bb7In daydreaming notions
Gm7 Cm7I picture you in daily motions
Fm7 Bb7Answering emails
Gm7 Cm7And stressing over minor details
Fm7 Bb7But sometimes you're laughing
Ebmaj7 G#maj7And look up at the sky
Fm7 Bb7 Emaj7 G#maj7I guess this is goodbye
Fm7 Bb7 Emaj7 Am7b5Goodbye
D7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Am7b5Ain't no use in asking why, my love
D7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Am7b5I don't love you, though I tried, my love
D7 Gmaj7 Amaj7 Am7b5Never meant to make you cry, my love
D9 Gm7 C9If I'm going, it's goodbye, my love
Gm7 C9 Fmaj7 Bb6add9Goodbye
Gm7 C9 Fmaj7 Bb6add9This is goodbye
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