Bachman Turner Overdrive - Aint Seen Nothing Yet tab

Ok. This is the REAL tab. Right chords, no bad key like the others. I know because i 
with the song until i was very sure, which is the way you're SUPPOSED TO DO IT SO IT IS 
RIGHT. >:( You know the rythms, this is just the chords.

E--9-------------------7--5- --9-------------------7--5----| B--10------------------8--7- --10------------------8--7----| G--9-------------------7--7- --9-------------------7--7----| D--9-------------------7--7- --9-------------------7--7----| A--7-------------------5--5- --7-------------------5--5----| E--X-------------------X--X- --X-------------------X--X----|
I met a devil woman, She took my heart away,Yada yada yada... Watch out here. Sort the bar below with the words. E--2-------------------5--7- --5-----4---4/5----4/5--------| B--3-------------------6--8- --7-----6---6/7----7-7--------| G--2-------------------5--7- --7-----6---6/7----7-7--------| D--0-------------------0--0- --7-----6---6/7----7-7--------| A--0-------------------X--X- --5-----4---4/5----4-5--------| E--X-------------------X--X- --X-----X---X/X----X-X--------| ...Any love is good love and, so i took what i could get,
It's all about how you strum the second chord on this bar to make it sound right. the stuff on your amp too. E--5----------------------------12-------------------------| B--7----------------------------14-------------------------| G--7----------------------------14-------------------------| D--7----------------------------14-------------------------| A--5----------------------------12-------------------------| E--X----------------------------X--------------------------| She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said,
E--------------------------- ------------------------------| B--------------------------- ------------------------------| G-----------------------9-7- --------------------------9-7-| D--7--------------------9-7- -7------------------------9-7-| A--7------------------0-7-5- -7----------------------0-7-5-| E--5------------------------ -5----------------------------| Aint seen nothin yet, B-B-baby you just aint seen n-n-nothin yet,
blah blah blah... last time E---------------------------------| B---------------------------------| G-----------------------9-7-------| D--7--------------------9-7-------| A--7------------------0-7-5-4-2-7-| Back to intro E--5------------------------------|
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