Love tab with lyrics by Backyard Babies - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Backyard Babies – Love tab

Artist: Backyard Babies 
Title: Love 
Taken from: Diesel And Power 
Tabbed by: Andy Wilsson 

These two tab-lines is just how you'll take the chords. 
Listen to the song while you playing these chords. 

G D Em E|-3--2--0-| B|-3--3--0-| G|-0--2--0-| D|-0--0--2-| A|-2--0--2-| E|-3--0--0-|
Until the chours
G C D E|-3--0--2-| B|-3--1--3-| G|-0--0--2-| D|-0--2--0-| A|-2--3--0-| E|-3--0--0-|
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