Backyard Babies – Where Were You tab

Backyard Babies - Where Were You @ Backyard Babies (2008)

there are only chords, without solo, sorry
original tonality has that chords on standart tune (E A D G H E)

here Hb is
intro: Eb - Ab - Eb x5 Eb i gotta do it tonight we don't belong Hb now it's been much too long Eb here comes the feeling again i'm furious Hb and you're so serious Ab Hb i'm on the wrong side of the town Eb Ab i'm tired and without a crown Ab Hb sometimes you get stronger from the pain Eb Eb - D - Ab so where were you? Cm Ab now were are things that i would say to make you smile? Eb where were you? Eb D Ab where were you? Cm Ab now where are things that we would do to stay alive? my friend (chords on last line: Eb - Ab - Eb - Hb) i made a promise to you but can't be true i failed in every way i always wanted to leave i didn't believe that i could be serious always a lot and never little for sure you need a key to open up that door sometimes i am lucky if i'll survive
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