Bacon Brothers – Guess Again chords

Bacon Brothers – Guess again     (merci à Thomas mon prof !)

Intro en étouffé : 

A G F (x2)7 5 3
7 5 3 5 3 1
A They were drunk and they were angry
GThey were big as they could be
FThey were hell bent and determined
To kick the Yankee out of me
AInsulted me they called me names
GThey would not let me pass
DOh those Redneck boys
They left me no choice
B7I had to kick some ass
E 2ème guitare : Guess again E---44444---2-----0F#m B---55555---4-----2Must've been dreamin
A ETruth is I turned high tail and ran
Guess again
F#mOh I must've been dreamin
A E Dreamin I was much more of a man
DWell you know that I am six foot three
C But did you know that I'm part Cherokee
GOh I'm a major hunk
DHave you ever seen me dunk
DYou know that I'm a Spanish dancer
CI'm workin on my cure for cancer
GI drive a supersonic car
DAnd I'm a rock and roll star
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