Bad Religion – No Direction tab

No Direction by Bad Religion
Tabbed by Jason

Has anyone else noticed that on all the tab sites, the supposed tab
for this song is actually the song Tomorrow?
Anyway, I've taken it upon myself to alleviate this frustrationa and
tab out the real No Direction.
I feel I should note that this tab is not entirely my work. In the
lyrics to the All Ages CD, several of the songs also show some of the
chords. Needless to say, this made tabbing it much easier, although it
wasn't 100 percent complete.
Standard tuning

Intro Main riff|----0-0-1-11-0-|-------------||-1-11-1-1-11-1-|-------------||-2-22-2-2-22-2-|-2-22--------||-2-22-2-2-22-2-|-2-22--------||-0-00-0-0-00-0-|-0-00--------||---------------|------0-1--3-|
A e f g - lower case notes = single notes A e f g A e f g A sullen figure walked along a dusty road A e f g A e C G His life was holy and he couldn't bear the load D E F Shouting his questions, looking for directions A e f g What do I do now? Dm Am Everyone's looking for something C G A And they ask if somebody else knows what it is Dm Am No one can live without decisions of their own C G# D A# It seems so they look to someone else F E F E To tell them what to be....
Solo|-12----------------------------12------------------------------|x2|----15-13-12-13---------13--------15-13-12-13---------12-13-12-||----------------14-1414----14-----------------14-1414----------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------|As for the rest of it, just mess around in Em
C G A E A e f g You'll get no direction from me... That's it. Use power chords unless it says m (minor). Easy, huh?
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