Bad Religion - Tested tab

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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 18:51:29 -0700
From:  Michael  
Subject: Tested


tab by: Michael Herrea:

Here it is plain and simple its an easy song so it should be right
I'm not too sure about the solo but its pretty damn close


G             A   
yea  they say theres a place free of trouble and care

and you have to pass a test for to make it there
          A                                  F                             
It has something to do with the road thats straight and narrow
             C               D               A        
and the only way to go it is by being right and thorough
             D                                A   (Play with a ska rthym)
theres always one more hill to climb
             C                                E(high)   
theres always one more hill to climb    


A                     F          C         G    A
bombarded by multiple choices 24-o-7
A                F(high)              C           G
Navigating a tangled web of logic and passion
A              F                 C         G                   A
Guided by subconscious voices askewed and sharpened
F    D       G     E
Tested     Tested   oh oh oh 

A                                                    F
At times we may be wondering what we're supposed to do
C               D             A                        
Stand and deliver or see the conflict through
and as we long to proceed to build our castles in the sky
       C                  D                    A
our plans get confounded and determination dies
          D                               A  (ska rthym)
Thers no preperation and no guide
        C                                                     E (high) 
just what you've done before here with your life

                     (Play Chorus Here) 

(play the bridge with intro chord progression)
acting on will.... the test is a reaction
opening your heart..... the test is the emotion
rolling the dice...... The test is the intuity
Burning out your mind..... the test is the recovery

A F you can play by the rules or bend them to your knees C D A A A but the test isn't over to you reach your dark eteranal sleep A F there are no absolutes no big wheels in the sky C D A E(high) you don't have to be first you just got to some how get by yea (play chorus then end with intro chord progression)
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