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Bahamas – Lost In The Light tab

Lost In The Light - Bahamas
Drop D Tuning
Tabbed by Diatonic-Phonix (Canada)
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   A/D | D                         A/D | D                           ||
e|-------------------------------|-------------------------------| ||B|---2h3-------------------------|---2h3-------------------------| ||G|---2---------------------------|---2---------------------------| ||D|---2h4-------------------------|---2h4-------------------------| ||A|--(0)--------------------------|--(0)--------------------------| ||D|-------0------------0---0------|-------0------------0---0------| ||
|| 1. I'm lost in the light I pray for the night || (vamp) 2. After so many words Still nothing's heard || || || || ||
|| ___ A/D | D A/D G \\ \/ // \\e|-------------------------------|-------------------------------| // /\ - ---||B|---2h3--------------2----------|---3---------------------------| || //--||G|---2----------------2----------|---4---------------------------| || //---||D|---2h4--------------2----------|---5---------------------------| || //__--||A|---0---------------(0)---------|---5---------------------------| || ||___--||D|-------0------------0----------|---5----------------5---5------| ------------------||
|| 1. To take me, to take me to || 2. Don't know what we should do || ______|| B- A G
e|-----------------------------------|| ||B|---3-----2-----3-------------------||O||G|---4-----2-----4-------------------|| || (repeat from bar 1, once)D|---4-----2-----5-------------------|| ||A|---2-----0-----5-------------------||O||E|---------------5-------------------|| ||
So if someone can see me now, let them see you Next verse, same chords: It was my greatest thrill But we just stood still You let me hold your hand 'til I had my thrill Even countin' sheep Don't help me sleep I just toss and turn right there beside you So if someone could help me now, they'd help you too. Chorus (this E- voicing uses the thumb to fret the bottom three notes): E- A(sus 4) E- D G
They'd help you to See you through, All the hard things we've all gotta do E- A(sus 4) D (Dmaj7) G
Cause this life is long And so you wouldn't be wrong Bein' free you and me on my own! Additional verse: And I held my own Still I rattled your bones I said some awful things and I take them back If we would try again Just remember when Before we were lovers, I swear we were friends So if someone could see me now let them see you Let them see you See you through All the hard things we've all gotta do Cause this life is long So you wouldn't be wrong Bein' free here with me on my own!
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