Burden tab with lyrics by Balance And Composure - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Balance And Composure – Burden tab

Band: Balance And Composure
Song: Burden
Album: Balance And Composure/Tigers Jaw Split
Tabbed by: fr3shb4ng

Hey folks,

Couldn't find tabs for this song anywhere, so I gave it a try!
Tab is still under construction. Second part of the song should
follow as soon as I find the time.
Feel free to help me out with this one! Your support is appreciated!

Anyways, have fun with the first section!

Riff 1 - Intro

Riff 2
Riff 3
Riff 4
00:00 "Don't let, don't let it go..." -> Riff 1 01:12 "And you should have seen..." -> Riff 2 01:39 "And I won't forget..." -> Riff 3 02:07 "If I could see the hatred..." -> Riff 4 02:48 "And I won't forget..." -> Riff 3 (variations) Lyrics: Don't let, don't let it go to your head. For now you are victorious but soon to dread. The thought of your actions, with such raged passion. She's basically dead on the cold cement. And you should have seen the way my eyes burned in disbelief. And I will let them heat, until the flames burst on right out of me, hard to believe it. And I won't forget about the burden buried deep inside my chest. And I can forget the night I destroyed both of our heads. If I could see the hatred that was burning through your eyes, the I would have to go alone and cast myself as a sacrifice. hit and run,don't deny, she loved you to death you tried to take her life. Close enough, but don't be proud, see what happens when tomorrow come round. If I was to say that love is what makes us aim to kill, then I'd aim it toward the sky, cause we don't know why or what can make us feel. And I won't forget about the burden buried deep inside my chest. And I can't forget the night I destroyed both of our heads. She, she cannot speak. Does it tear you apart at night while you sleep? And I, I really need to know cause there's a fire burning up in me and I'm about to blow. And heat, do you feel heat? Cause I'm creeping up the side of your bed and onto the sheets. And burn, won't you let it burn? You've destroyed some many lives and now it's your turn. And weep, I hope to god you weep. You can dig away at your heart, but it's far too deep.
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