I Go To The Barn Because I Like The tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Band Of Horses - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Band Of Horses – I Go To The Barn Because I Like The tab ver. 2

			     I Go To The Barn Because I Like The – Band Of Horses

This is kind of a mixture of the two tabs that are already posted plus a little of my
thrown in there. The first guy to do the chords was pretty spot on so I hope he doesn’t
me taking his, so I credited the chords to that guy. The names might not be right but at 
they sound right.

Tuning: Standard

Repeat this up to the strumming parte|----2-------2---0--0-------0-------3-------3----0--0-------0---------------|B|------3-------3------1-------1--0----3-------3-------1-------1-------------|G|--------0h2----------------------------------------------------------------|D|----0------------------0h2-----------------------------0h2-----------------|A|-------------------3-------------------0h2---------3-----------------------|E|-----------------------------------3---------------------------------------|
Chords Used: The Strumming pattern is relatively easy, somthin like DDUUDDUDU. On the G I mute the bottom string, I think it sounds better.
e|--0--0--0--0--|B|--1--1--1--3--|G|--0--0--2--0--|D|--2--0--3--0--|A|--3--2--3--2--|E|--0--0--x--3--| C Em7 F G
C Outside Em7 by your doorstep F in a worn out G suit and tie C I'll wait Em7 for you to come down F where you'll find me G where we'll shine ===============================================================================
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