The General Specific chords with lyrics by Band Of Horses - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Band Of Horses – The General Specific chords

Band of Horses - The General Specific
tabbed by : Dor Sharabi
For original key capo in 1 (F).

intro: E
E EIf the trials at hand are really getting you down
BYou had a close call
AI didn't even see it, then another one
E EI hardly believed it at all
EWhat the writers say - it means shit to me now
B Plants and animals
AWe're on a bender when it's 80 degrees
E The end of December - what's going on?
Ab A F# B A EOOH Only for you and me
EIn a showing of hands, "Who's going back to the South?"
BWhere hungry necks that I know
A(been running a blender in a lightning storm)
E EAre disguised as a blessing I'm sure
EAnd knowing ahead, there comes a fork in the road
BPants have got to go
AWe're on an island on the fourth of July
E ELooks like the tide is going home
EIn time I find a little way to your heart
BNow to the general store for nothing specific
A EGoing to wash my bones in the Atlantic shore
Ab A F# B A E…OOH Only for you and me
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