Band Of Skulls – Friends chords

Friends - Band of Skulls
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

NOTE: The chord pattern is the same throughout. For the intro & verses, 
play the whole chord in eighth notes, except for the very last beat,
(i.e. 7 times in 4 beats). 

Intro:  B  //  B  //  E  //  E  A#dim 

Verse 1:
BAll my life I've been searching for something
BSomething I can put my finger on
EMaybe I've been living for the weekend
E A#dimMaybe I've been living for this cyber-soul
BEvery Friday just about midnight
BAll my problems seem to disappear
E Everyone that I miss when I'm distant
E A#dimEverybody's here
BI need love cause only love is true
BI need every wakin' hour with you
EAnd my friends cause they're so beautiful
E A#dimYeah my friends they are so beautiful
B // B // E // E A#dim They're my friends
Verse 2:
BAll my life I've been wastin', wastin'
BWastin' all my money, all my time
EAll the time that I'm waitin', waitin'
E A#dimWaitin for the moment you are mine
B The song about yeah I'm thinkin', thinkin'
BThinkin' all the things that I've done wrong
E All the time yeah I was forgettin'
E A#dimYou were mine all along
(Repeat Chorus 2x) Outro: (do this 9 times, using the same above chord pattern) They're my friends...
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