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Banner Pilot – Intervention chords

Banner Pilot
Heart Beats Pacific
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Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C -  x32010
G -  320003
Am - x02210
F -  133211

Verse 1:
CI know that I just
Gfucked up everything
AmAnd I know that nights
like these might leave
F Ca scar I gave up every
Ggoddamn thing for you
AmAnd now I'm stuck here
Fin the backseat of my car
CBut you know sometimes
Gwhen I'm drunk on wine
F Am GI think I can change
CBut the morning kills
Gthe hopes and hills
F Am Gturn mountain range
CAnd this world whirls
Glike a machine It keeps
Amsmashing my dreams So
FI stay close to myself
Cause when you live in
Chell You know things
Gnever work out I can't
Amconsume all the doubt
I'm not surprised at
Fthe way It ended up today
Post Chorus:
Am C So whats the point as you
Flook down and close your
C Feyes Theres a million ways
C Gthat we've never tried
Am C See all my friends are
Falready gone But you're
Cstill here And as you
Fclose the door I
Cwatched your
Gmouth "goodbye"
Verse 2:
CAnd when I find my keys
GI'm eastbound walking home
AmAnd I curse this sky and
Fkick these cobblestones
CI gave you every goddamn
Gthing I got But if you
Amweigh it up I guess
Fits not a lot
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Interlude: C--F--G-Am--G-F-- Bridge:
C These dark eyes have
Ffocusedon the light
Gonna be another
G Amlonely night
I don't have time
G Ffor intervention
C And I hear almost
Fevery word you say
Were just getting
G Amby in different ways
I don't have time
G Ffor intervention
C And it took me years
Fto build this wall
Now brick by brick
G Amjust let me fall
I don't have time
G Ffor intervention
I know exactly
Fwhat I need
A ride home and a
G Amcouple days of sleep
I don't have time
G Ffor intervention
intervention intervention Outro: C--F--G-Am--G-F-- x2 C(hold)
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