Barbara George - I Know chords

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I Know chords
Barbara George

G  D7  G  C G D7

G I know (I know) you don't love me no more
D7No more (no more) no no more
GAnd I don't want to be hurt anymore
(no more) anymore (no more)
G7yeah yeah I have loved so hard
C A7everything I did was no joy
G D7If I can't love you right baby
G C G D7I don't have to love you at all
GI know (I know) you don't want me no more
D7No more (no more) no no more
GAnd it has to be someone else lovin you more
(no more) lovin you more (no more)
G7Ain't no use in me cryin now
C A7If not for you I wouldn't be down
G D7Don't want me no more baby
G C G D7Ain't no use in you hangin round 2x
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