Barclay James Harvest – Early Morning chords

Artist:Barclay James Harvest
Song: Early Morning

This song is a beautiful song by Barclay James Harvest. It's perfect to start the 
day and is fairly easy to play. I hope you enjoy it!

Intro: F C Dm Dm7 Gm (C) F C Dm Dm7 Gm F C

F C Dm Dm7Early morning,
Gm F CIt's cold and the sun is white
F C Dm Dm7For I was born in
Gm F CThe darkness before the light
FOf a new day
C Dm Dm7A new way of living
Gm COf giving delight
FAnd if you pay
C Dm Dm7Then you may be slipping
Gm CBack into the night
F C Dm Dm7Then all knowing
Gm F CWith words and with pen I write
F C Dm Dm7Of the growing
Gm F COf things that are in my sight
Key change: 2 semi-tones up G D
GOf a new day
D Em Em7A new way of living
Am DOf giving delight
GAnd if you pay
D Em Em7Then you may be slipping
Am DBack into the night
G D Em Em7Early evening
Am G DIt's cold and the moon is bright
G D Em Em7And I believe in
Am G DThe darkness before the light
F GOf a new day
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