Barlow Girl – Walk Away tab

To me this was a simple one. I really nope this has others tab this song
maybe one that makes sense :) All I got was 4 chords and here it goes.

{I'm gonna remember you, you gonna remember me
I'm gonna remember you, you gonna remember me (echo)
                    C             G
I saw you with your new girl just yesterday
      Am                  F
and I feel that I must confess}

After that, it just repeats the piano. In a way you can kind of blend in
the power to just using one note.

C  - 032010
G  - 320033
Am - x02210
F  - 133211

Well that'd be all, I hope by seeing this and how off I am you might be
into correcting me with some comments, email me at: for
questions or corrections...


I had gotten an email about a small fix up needed. It does seem to sound better so I 
this tab:
July 01, 2007 - 6:13AM

Thanks Luis!
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