Barlow Girl – Surrender chords

Am F C G

Verse 1:
Am F My hands hold safely to my dreams. Clutching tightly not one has fallen.
C E AmSo many years I've shaped each one. Reflecting my heart, showing who I am.
F Now you're asking me to show what I'm holding oh so tightly
C E GCan't open my hands;can't let go. Does it matter? Should I show you?
C GCan't you let me go?
C G Am FSurrender, surrender. You whisper gently.
C G AmYou say I will be free. I know but can't you see
F C AmMy dreams are me, My dreams are me
Verse 2:
Am F Say you have a plan for me and that you want the best for my life
C ETold me the world has yet to see what you can do with
Am One that's committed to your call. I know of course what I should do
FThat I can't hold these dreams forever.
C EBut if I give them now to you, will you take them away forever?
G COr can I dream again?
Chorus Break: Am F C G x4* Chorus Ending:
Am F CSurrender
This is my first tab, I thought it sounds pretty good. Quite simple to play as well.
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