Barrett Syd – Bob Dylan Blues[Corrected] tab

here's the corrected version..

once again, you will see these special
bits in the chord part of the song..

i find that this song sounds better if you use a thin pick..

so knock yourself out..


When transferring from the chorus to the intro, simply do this:
G C F -Got the Bob Dylan Blues, and the Bob Dylan shoes C* G* And my clothes' and my hair's in a mess C But you know i just couldn't care less C F Gonna write me a song, bout what's right and what's wrong C G* Bout' God and my girl and all that C Quiet while I make like a cat -Chorus I: C F C Cos' I'm a poet, Don't ya know it? F And the wind.. ..You can blow it, C G* Cos' I'm Mr. Dylan the King C And I'm free as a bird on the wing -Roam from town to town, guess I get people down, But I don't care too much about that.. Cos' my gut and my wallet are fat Make a whole lotta dough, but i deserve it though, I got soul and a good heart of gold, So I'll sing about war and the cold -Chorus II: C G** Cos' I'm a poet, Don't ya know it? C F And the wind.. ..You can blow it, C* G* Cos' I'm Mr. Dylan the King C And I'm free as a bird on the wing -Intro -Well I sings about dreams, and I rhymes it with seems, Cos' it seems that my dream always means.. That I can prophesy all kinds of things Well the guy that digs me, should try hard to see, That he buys all my disks in a hat.. And when I'm in town go see that [strum C a few more times] -Chorus II [strum lightly] -Intro [fade to a light strum] (oh, and sorry timmy, for doing a half-assed job the first time) (..i made it up to you, no?) love and peace.
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