Barry Mann - Who Put The Bomp tab

Who Put The Bomp:Barry Mann.
#7 in '61. Drifters also did a version
of this song.)

    D                 G                  Em
I’d like to thank the guy, who wrote the song,
             C            D
That made my baby fall in love with me.

CHORUS:(bright with rock beat.)

Who put the bomp,
In the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?
Who put the ram
In the rama lama ding dong?
Who put the bop
In the bop shoo bop shoo bop?
Who put the dip
In the dip da dip da dip?
G            B7       C                 A
Who was that man? I’d like to shake his hand.
   G       Em   Am      D         G    D
He made my baby fall in love with me. [Yeah!]

G            Em     C
When my baby heard, bomp bah bah bomp
Bah bomp bah bomp bomp.
G               Em             C   D
Every word went right into her
    G                   Em
And when she heard them singin’
C                   A
Rama lama lama lama lama ding dong.
G   Em        Am    D       G     D
She said we’d never have to part. Soooo...


     G               Em     C
Each time that we’re alone, boogity boogity boogity
Boogity boogity boogity shoot..
G              Em        C  D
Sets my baby’s heart all a..glow
    G            Em        C
And everytime we dance to, dip da dip da dip
Dip da dip da dip.
G   Em     Am       D        G   D
She always says she loves me so. Soooo..


G               Em           C         D
Oh, my darlin', bomp bah bah bomp, bah bomp bah bomp bomp.
G             Em             C     D
And my honey..rama lama ding dong, forever.
           G                Em
And when I say, dip da dip, da dip, da dip, dip dip..
    D                       G            Em
You know I mean it from the bottom of my boogity, boogity, 
C                D
boogity, boogity shoot. Soooo..


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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