Basement – Breathe chords

This is as close as I could get it

Capo 1st

Intro: G C

G C G CSmile, like it was yesterday.
G C G CMake me believe that you're the same.
G C G CSpeak, tell me that you're ok.
G C G CI'll keep biting on my tongue.
Em G AmI am looking at your face,
Em G As if we never made mistakes.
( G C ) 4x
G C G CBreathe, take in everything.
G C G CBecome a person that I hate.
Am C I am looking at your face,
Am C As if we never even made mistakes.
G F C Am G If I close my eyes, for long e - nough.
F C Am G Would I die, or would I just get lost?
F C Am GYou could find me, if you cared e - nough.
F C Am But I'm hoping you don't.
( G C ) x7
G C G C G C G C If I close my ey - -es for long enough would I die?
G Am G AmI cannot pretend I haven't tried.
G C G CI am hoping that you don't find me.
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