Bastille – Oblivion chords

C G DWhen you fall asleep,
C Gwith your head,
Em Dupon my shoulder.
C G DWhen you're in my arms,
C G Em Dbut you've gone somewhere deeper.
C Em G Are you going to age with grace?
C Em G DAre you going to leave a path to trace? (age without mistakes)
C Em GAre you going to age with grace?
C Em G DOr only to wake and hide your face.
C D GWell..oh, oblivion.
C Em GIs calling out your name.
C D GYou always take it further,
C Em Gthan I ever can.
Verse 2:
C G DWhen you play it harder,
C G Em Dand I try to follow you there,
C G DIt's not about control,
C G Em DBut I turn back when I see where you go.
PRECHORUS (first half) CHORUS X2
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