Bates – Say It Isnt So tab

Intro (with some echo effect):
just strum the chords once

A                        F#m
Cold as a razorblade ... Love is so close to hate

Bm                         E
Untangle it's so cruel ... The good one is the fool

Verse 1:
Start with the RHYTHM(listen to the CD, it's kind of a Beatles RockNRoll
A                                   F#m
Hangover everyday                   Good Luck so far away
Bm                                  E
And haggle for a dime               You are no friend of mine

CHORUS(strum the chords with a little pause(before + between the
chords),listen to the CD):

F#m        E     D            E
OH NO, NO, NO,   SAY IT ISN'T SO             (play twice)

Verse 2 (w/ rhythm; drums start):
A                                          F#m
Message from underground                   Without a word or sound
Bm                                         E
Looks oh so sad to me                      Be what you wanna be
A                                          F#m
If you come from the south                 You better shut your mouth
Bm                                         E
Black windows everywhere                   But I don't really care

Chorus (F#m,E  -  D,E (twice))

Verse 3:
repeat the A-F#m-Bm-E chord progression two times over that Ba-thingy as seen
the lead guitar additionally just strums the chords once with a bunch of
A     F#m     Bm    E
Babababababababababa...     (twice)

Intro (is repeated but no guitar, the bass is playing alone)

Verse 1 (w/ rhythm)

CHORUS (twice, then lead guitar starts with a little solo and CHORUS repeats
some more)

Solo (part one, begin with this in last chorus and play a few times): F#m E D E (ssCHORDS played over solo)e-----------------|B-----------------|G-----------------|D--4--6--7---6----|A-----------------|E-----------------|
Solo (part two, play this after Solo 1 was played a few times with CHORUS chord progression):
Outro (sounds like played from a recordplayer with some strange distortion thing): played with RHYTHM (listen to the CD) A F#m Cold as a razorblade ... Love is so close to hate Bm E Untangle it's so cruel ... The good one is the fool END ON ---------------------a F#m CHORD CHART:
A F#m Bm E De--0----2----2----0----2----|B--2----2----3----0----3----|G--2----2----4----1----2----|D--2----4----4----2----0----|A--0----4----2----2----x----|E--x----2----x----0----x----|
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