Battlefield Band – The Riccarton Tollmans Daughter chords

The Riccarton Tollmans Daughter
by The Battlefield Band

Capo 3Intro:e-----0-0h2-----0-2-3---0---0h2----0----------|B---3-------3-3-------3---3-----3----3--0h3---|G-2-----------------------------------2-------|D-0-------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
D GAs I was a walkin’ through old Killie town,
D AIt was at the back end o’ November.
D GMy gaze was drawn tae a gathering o’ folk,
D AAll assembled by the Kilmarnock water.
EmIn the dreich winter’s morn,
AA game was well begun,
Em G AThe curling stain slid back and forwards.
EmAnd the breaths like clouds,
AFloated upwards to the skies,
Em G AWith the whoops and cries o’ the teams o’ Curlers.
D GMy attention was drawn tae a young, bonny lass,
D AAs she stood and watched as a close observer.
D GMy eyes were consumed as she followed all the play,
D AAnd she cheered on her father, and her brother.
EmI gaid and I spoke,
AAnd I tellt her my name,
Em G AAnd she said she was cried Jean Alexander.
EmShe lived wi’ her folk,
AAt the Riccarton toll,
Em G AAnd she was the tollman’s only Daughter.
-Instrumental Bridge- D,G,A D,G,A D,G,A Em,G,A
D GAt the end o’ the game, her Father came across,
D AAnd he shook my hand, and he looked me over.
D GHe says young man come and join us on the road
D AThen he took her arm, and we walked together.
EmAnd when we had went,
ATae their cottage by the toll,
Em G AI was asked inside for a drink and a bladder.
EmAnd that was the start,
AO’ the winning o’ my heart.
Em G AAnd the cortine of the tollman’s daughter.
-Instrumental Bridge-
D GHere’s a helf tae the good folk, o’ old Killie Town,
D AThe engineers, and the carpet workers.
D GThe wabsters, the coopers, the distiller o’ the dram,
D GTheir women folk, and their sons and daughters.
Em And here’s to the winter
AThat brought us all the snow
Em G AAnd the ice that froze Kilmarnock water
EmAnd here’s to the curlers,
AThat brought me to my love,
Em G AThe Riccarton tollman’s only daughter
-Instrumental Bridge as Outro- Brought to you by ChuffersDanube
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