Bauhaus – Antonin Artaud tab

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			Antonin Artaud -Bauhaus
Transcribed by: John Mc Donagh(

The basic Chords for this song are

F(I) 1-3-3-2-1-1   B(VII) 7-9-9-8-7-7   F(XIII) 13-15-15-14-13-13

I play the main riff something like this(I haven't the LP here)..e|---13--13--------13\--7--7-----7/--|B|---13-----13-----13\--7----7---7/--|G|---14--------14--14\--8------8-8/--| repeat adlib...D|---15------------15\--9--------9/--| / = slide up, \ = slide downA|-----------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------|
You play this for the intro, and the verses, but where you see the chords Strum the chords something like down-up-down for each chord! The young man held a gun to the head of God, Stick this holy cow, Put the audience in action, Let the slaughtered take a bow F(XIII)/// B(VII)/// F(I)/// B(VII)/// {Repeat until lyrics start up again} The old mans words, white hot knives Slicing through worm butter The butter is the heart The rancid pealing soul Chords: For the next verse just Strum F(I) twice, pause and repeat.Listen to the album. Scratch pictures on asylum walls Broken nails and match sticks Hypodermic, hypodermic, hypodermic, red fix Back to Riff... One mans poison is another mans meat one mans agony another mans treat Artaud lived with his neck placed properly in the noose Eyes black with pain, limbs in clamps(vamps) contorted The theatre and its double, the void and the aborted For this outro, I think you alternately strum the B chord and strum deadend strings, whilst the tempo increases... Those indians wank on his bones... (Repeat until end) Lyrics from Italian Lyric Book. --oOo--
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