Bay City Rollers – Dedication tab

Here is Dedication by the Bay City Rollers stripped down to the basic chords. Lots of strings
and orchestra's in the original versions but can be performed nicely on acoustic guitar only.

Verse #1:
A                              D
I found a little local station and I kinda liked the things they're playin'

E                    D                 A
So I settled down to listen nice and easy

The deejay plays our kind of music

D                                         E                     D                  A
It's as if he asked us both to choose it, but it all adds up to another night without you.

A                                D
Now and then he takes a phone in and anyone who's feeling lonely

E                           D            A
Can call him up and make a little conversation

A                                            D
And in the night there's music playin', soft behind the words he's saying

E               D           A
Would I like to make a dedication


Bm                  E           A      Bm
This song I want to dedicate to you

A      D             E               A    Bm
And to everyone who feels the way we do

A   D               E                C#m               F#m
As long as you're a part of me this song will play on endlessly

D                              A
I hope my dedication's getting through.

Verse #2:

I'm working in this lonely city

D                                      E                     D               A
There's not enough to keep me busy and we can't meet until I take a short vacation

You'll never know how much I love you

Lying here and thinking of you

e                     D                A
And all I've got is a late night music station

Repeat Chorus and add:

E    Bm              E9                        A D A
My dedication's playing just for you
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