Bayside - Boy tab version 1

Song: Boy
Band: Bayside
Tuning: Whole Step Down (DGCFAD)

Guitar 1 - Anthony RaneriIntro:e |-----------------------------------------------------| x2B |-----------------------------------------------------|G |--777-------------777--------------------------------|D |--777-(0)-777-(0)-777-(0)-777-88888888--7--5---------|A |--555-(0)-777-(0)-555-(0)-777-88888888--------8--7---|E |------(0)-555-(0)-----(0)-555-66666666---------------|
Verse:e |-------------------------------------|B |-------------------------------------|G |--7-77-7--7-77-7---------------------|D |--7-77-7--7-77-7--8-88-8--7-77-7-----|A |--5-55-5--5-55-5--8-88-8--7-77-7-----|E |------------------6-66-6--5-55-5-----|
I haven't worked out the rest or any of jacks parts but i might later.
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