Bbmak – Sympathy tab

Artist: BBmak
Song: Sympathy
Album: Into Your Head
Tabbed by: Matt Florio, or
Capo 2nd fret

Cadd9(Hold) “I don’t your sympathy.” Chorus Cadd9 D Em D Verse 2 Cadd9 D Em D “I don’t want my love to be misunderstood” Em D Cadd9 “I don’t want your lies burning deep inside of me.” Em D Cadd9 “Look into my eyes, I don’t want your sympathy.”
Bridge/Outro-about 4 times I think, but the outro is 2 timesE----------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------|G----------------------------------------------|D----------------------------------------------|A--7—9—10—2--4--7--9-10—2--4-------------------|e--5—7--8-0--2-5---7--8-0--2-------------------|
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