Bbmak – If I Could Fly tab

Artist: BBMak
Song: If I Could Fly
Tabbed By: Matthew Florio (

	I’ve seen and heard this song many times and always wanted too learn it!
So I finally sat down and figured it out! It’s too be played in standard tuning!
I also added some of the lead guitar parts just for fun. There are two ways too
play the solo… pick which ever you like the best. Thank you and Enjoy!

Guitar 2: This part is played in the background and is just pinch harmonics.E-12-12------12------------EB---------12---------------BG--------------------------GD--------------------------DA--------------------------Ae--------------------------e
Intro: E Bm Fm A2 E Bm Fm Verse: E Bm Fm A2 (4x) “Close your eyes…” Pre Chorus: Fm A2 E A2 Fm A2 “Oceans apart…” Chorus: E Bm Fm A2 (5x) *E Bm A2* “Baby if I could fly…” *after “lets fly away!”, don’t play this part before bridge. Bridge: Fm A2 E Fm A2 “We’ve got too spread our wings…”
Solo: (I think this is played with a slide but it’s no biggie.)E--14--14--16--14--18-19-18--14--9--11--4-|---------------------------------EB------------------------------------------|-5--5-7--5--11-12-11-9--0--2----BG------------------------------------------|------------------------------0-GD------------------------------------------|--------------------------------DA------------------------------------------|--------------------------------Ae------------------------------------------|--------------------------------e
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