Beach Fossils - Vacation tab version 1

 Album: Beach Fossils
  Song: Vacation


intro:guitar 1|--------------------------||--------------------------||-------0-----------3------||---2-----2-----3-----3----||-3---3-----3-1---1-----1--||--------------------------|
guitar 2|----------------------------||----------------------------||----------------------------||-55555-33333-77777-(3)2222--||----------------------------||----------------------------|
solo guitar:|----------------------------||----------------------------||-55-575-3333333-22232-------||----------------------5-222-||----------------------------||----------------------------|
verse: intro guitar 1 you can play this "bass riff" of guitar 2 too solo just guitar 1 outro I'm getting on that bus Got to get out of town It's all that's on my mind Leave the city behind I see the mountain side The trees and sky go by I'm out here on my own I might not come back home I gaze out my window Scenery comes and goes I let the time pass by So I'll be by your side Heads out like times before Nothing to wear me for I'm on my way to you It's all I want to do
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