All Fuzzed Out chords with lyrics by Beach Slang - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Beach Slang – All Fuzzed Out chords


AI'm swallowing faith
B ABut choking on lust
C#m AI'm chasing your face
B ABut fucking it up
C#m A B ATurn the stereo loud until I steady my guts
B AYou still are "Oh, wow!"
B AAnd all of these sounds
C#m A B AAre really just my heart plugged in and played loud
[Interlude] B C#m B C#m A (x2) [Verse]
AMy knuckles are fake
B AI kiss when I punch
C#m AIf everything breaks
B AWhat happens to us?
C#m A B AYou are how The Smiths sound when they're falling in love
N.C.You still are "Oh, wow!"
N.C.And all of these growls
C#m A B AAre really just my heart getting really fuzzed out, like, oh, wow!
[Interlude] A A D [Outro]
AIf there's Heaven, I have found it with you
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