Beastie Boys – Sure Shot tab

> Synth. arranged for guitar> > Standard tuning> > Riff 1> E|-----------------------------------|> B|-----------------------------------|> G|---6--8--6--6--8--8----------------|> D|---------------------8p7--6--5--4--|> A|-----------------------------------|> E|-----------------------------------|
> > Riff 2 > E|-----------------------------------|> B|-----------------------------------|> G|---6--7--8--0-----0----------------|> D|---------------8-----8-------------|> A|-----------------------------------|> E|-----------------------------------|
> > > Song structure: > > Riff 1 (x4) > You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop (x3) > > guitar out > Mike D Come On And Rock The Sure Shot > > Riff 1 repeated > I've Got The Brand New Doo-Doo Guaranteed Like Yoo Hoo > I'm On Like Dr John, Yea Mr Zu Zu > I'm A Newlywed, Not A Divorcee > And Everything I Do Is Funky Like Lee Dorsey > Well, It's The Taking Fo Pelham, One, Two, Three > If You Want A Doodoo Rhyme Then Come See Me > I've Got The Savior Faire With The Unique Rhyme And > I Keep It On And On, It's Never Quitting Time And > Strictly Hand Held Is The Style I Go > Never Rock The Mice With The Panty Hose > I Strap On My Ear Goggles And I'm Ready To Go > 'Couse At The Boards Is The Man They Call The Mario > Pull Up At The Function And You Know I Kojak > To All The Party People That Are On My Bozak > I've Got More Action Than My Man John Woo > And I've Got Mad Hits Like I Was Rod Crew > > You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop > Ad Rock Come And Rock The Sure Shot > > Hurricane Will Cross Fade On Your Ass And Bust Your Ear Drums > Listen Everybody 'Couse I'm Shifting Gears I'm > Fresh Like Dougie When I Set My Specs And > On The Microphone I Come Correct > Timing Like A Clock When I'Rock The Hip Hop > Top Notch Is My Stock On The Soap Box > I've Got More Rhymes Than I'v Got Grey Hairs > And That's Alot Because I've Got My Share > I've Got A Hole In My Head And There's No One To Fix It > Got To Straighten My Thoughts, I'm Thinking Too Much Sick Shit > Everyone Just Takes and Takes, Takes, Takes, Takes > I've Got To Step Back, I've Got To Contemplate > I'm Like Lee Perry, I'm Very > On Rock The Microphone And Then I'm Gone > I'm Like Vaughn bode, I'm a Cheech Wizard > Never Quitting, So Won't You Listen > > Riff 2 (x4) > Oh Yes Indeed, It's Fun Time Fun Time > > Riff 1 repeated > 'Cause You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop > MCA Come And Rock The Sure Shot > > I Want To Say a Little Something That's LongOverdue > The Disrespect To Women Has Got To Be Through > To All The Mothers And Sisters A And Ahe Wives And Friends > I Want To Offer My Love And Respect To The End > Well You Say I'm Twenty Something And Should Be Slacking > But I'm Working Harder Than Ever And You Could Call It Macking > So I'm Supposed To Sit Upon My Couch Watching My T.V. > I'm Still Iistening To Wax, I'm Not Using The CD > I'm That Kid In The Corner All Fucked Up And I Wanna So I'm Gonna > Take A Piece Of The Pie, Why Not, I'm Not Quitting > Think I'm Gonna Change Up My Style Just To Fit In > > guitar out > > I Keep My Underwear Up With A Piece Of Elastic > I Use A Bullshit Mic That's Made Out Of Plastic > To Send My Rhymes Out To All Nations > Like Ma Bell, I've Got The Ill Communications > > Riff 1 repeated > (Chorus)
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