Beat Crusaders - Feel chords

Beat Crusaders
P.O.A.: Pop on Arrival


E5    A5   C#5

E5The time left me alone
A5All my friends are gone
C#5Nothing’s ever shown
E5In my eyes
E5Walking all alone
A5The sun keep shining on
C#5 G#5I found you wander around
A5In my life
F#5 E5Every time you’re 'round me
F#5 B5Scorchers disappear
E5 G#5 A5 G#5I feel so strange
F#5 B5 C5I wanna take you faraway to let you
C#5 G#5 A5 C#5Feel so strange
F#5 B5 E5I’m gonna keep my journey to the whole new world
---------------------- Then it pretty much repeats. Fun song to play, but the timing's a little tricky in the chorus.
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