Beat Crusaders - Love Potion 9 tab

intro|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-444-666-777-999-|x2 in the second one speed up|-444-666-777-999-||-222/444/555/777-|
|------------------||------------------||-9-1111111111-8-9-| the second note is on the 11th fret not in the 1st|------------------||------------------||------------------|
|--------||--------||--------||-99-99--| with overdrive!! |-99-99--||-77-77--|
"i keep watchin over the wall"|-xxx-||-xxx-||-xxx-| just put your hand over the freetboard|-xxx-||-xxx-||-xxx-|
"cos i want the great scape!"|-----------||-----------||-----------||-444-66-7--||-444-66-7--||-222-44-5--|
that's all i have maybe you could help me if you know something else
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