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Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 00:15:46 -0600
From: (J.T. Broderick)
Subject: Make It Last by the Beat Farmers CRD

Make It Last
by Joey Harris
The Beat Farmers, "Pursuit Of Happiness", Curb Records, 1987
Played over main chords throughout:

D BmE-|-------------------------------|------------------------------------------|----B-|-------------------------------|--------------------------------------|--------G-|--2-------------2--------------|---4--------------4---------------|------------D-|-----0--2--2/4-----0--2--2/4---|------0--2--2/4------0--2--2--|4---------------A-|-------------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------E-|-------------------------------|----------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D Bm Oh baby, I think it's time D Bm Time for us, time for us to cross that line D Bm Cause when you're feelin', when you're feelin' you been had D Bm Don't you let it, don't you let it get you sad G C Cause there's a time for you to be forgiven G C D Turn the other cheek and brush that pain away G C There's just no use in tryin' to get even G C A Girl I think it's time to walk away D Bm I think it's time, to be thinkin' D Bm Of other towns, movin' on D Bm Cause we've been down, we've been down for so long now D Bm And there's no place, no place to go but out G C Out on the road where the semis howl G C D Baby hitch a ride on somethin' movin' fast G C Where the rain and wind don't blow so cold G C A Baby we could build a life and make it last D Bm A D Make it last, make it last
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