I Love You tab with lyrics by Beat Happening - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Beat Happening – I Love You tab

It took me so long to figure this out. I was over thinking it, and when it comes to beat 
you should never over think

trust me

because as it turns out this is the 2nd easiest song i know how to play. it goes...

then when calvin says "they know the pope, hes a regular joe", bret is playing:
then back into...
wasnt that the easist piece of shit in the entire world. Im dave, heres my band plugs... they are all extremly beat happening inspired bands www.myspace.com/maxanddave (has a cover of indian summer, its awesome!) www.myspace.com/bloodrexdaleandthewallsareblonde www.myspace.com/thediamondteeth www.myspace.com/daveandpiper the moon is slice. ok bye.
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