Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money chords version 1

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You Never Give Me Your Money chords
The Beatles

Am7 Dm7You never give me your money,
G CYou only give me your funny paper
Fmaj7 Dm EAnd in the middle of negotiations,
Am You break down
Am7 Dm7I never give you my number,
G CI only give you my situation,
Fmaj7 Dm EAnd in the middle of investigations,
AmYou break down
C E7Out of college, money spent
Am C7See no future, pay no rent
F G C C7All the money's gone, nowhere to go
C E7Any jobber got the sack,
Am C7Monday morning, turning back,
F G C C7Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go.
Bb FBut oh that magic feeling:
F CNowhere to go
Bb FOh, that magic feeling,
F C A7Nowhere to go, Nowhere to go
B7One sweet dream:
C Pick up the bags,
E7 A7Get in the limousine
Dm7 G7Soon We'll be away from here,
Dm7 G7 AStep on the gas and wipe that tear away
B7 Cmaj7 GOne sweet dream come true,
A G AToday, Came true today
COne two three four five six seven
AAll good children go to heaven... 5x
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