Beatles – You Never Give Me Your Money chords ver. 2

"You Never Give Me Your Money" (Capo: 5th. fret)


 Em7  Am7  D7
 Gsus  G  
 Cmaj7/G  F#m7-5  B7  Em  

____Verse: 1

Em7 Am You never give me your money
D7 Gsus G You only give me your fu____nny paper
Cmaj7 F#m7-5 B7 and in the middle of nego____tiations
Em you break down
____Verse: 2
Em7 Am I never give you my number
D7 Gsus G I only give you my si____tuation
Cmaj7 F#m7-5 B7 and in the middle of inve___stigation
Em G D7 I break down
G B7 Out of college, money spent
Em G7 See no future, pay no rent
C D7 G G/F G/E All the money's gone, nowhere to go
G B7 Any jobber got the sack
Em G7 Monday morning, turning back
C D7 G G/F G/E Yellow lorry slow, nowhere to go
F C G But oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go
F C G Oh, that magic feeling, nowhere to go, nowhere to go
*F C G* Ahh_____________________________ooh (Repeat *-* 1 more time)
F C D G Ahh_____________________________
____Guitar break: A Bb7 D G E7 Bb G7 C# Bb7 E C#7 D7 D#7 E7 ____Break:
F# One sweet dream
G B7 E Pick up the bags and get in the limousine
Am D/A Soon we'll be away from here
G6/A D/A E Step on the gas and wipe that tear away
F# Gmaj7 D/F# E One sweet dream came true today
*D Gmaj7 D/F# E* came true today (Repeat *-* once more)
G D/F# E yes it did, na, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
G One two three four five six seven,
E All good children go to heaven (Repeat coda to fade)
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