Beau Brummels – Just A Little tab ver. 2

m: Kenkurson 
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 14:18:37 EST
Subject: b/beau_brummels/

Just A Little
The Beau Brummels

Opening bass guitar riffe:--------------------------------------------|B:--------------------------------------------|G:-------------------0------------------------|D:------2--3--2--0---------------------------|A:---0-----------------0---------------------|E:--------------------------------------------|
Verse I I can t stay yes I know You know why I need to go But goodby love was sweet I was ? you ll ever meet Chorus So I ll cry just a little cuz I love you so And I ll die just a little cuz I have to go away Verse II Can t you see how I feel When I say love s unreal So goodby it s been was sweet even though incomplete
Am C Dm Ge:-----------------------------1-----------------|B:--------1-------------------3-----------------|G:--------2-------------------2-----------------|D:--------2---------------2--0------------------|A:--------0------------3------------------------|E:---3-4-5-------------------------------------|
Verse III Every night I still hear All your sighs very clear I have gone gone away As I once heard you say These little riffs are way oversimplified and wrong, but they should provide a general idea.
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