Beau Brummels – Laugh Laugh tab ver. 2

LAUGH, LAUGH by the Beau Brummels:

  Em               Am
1.I hate to say it, but I told you so,

Em              Am
Don't mind my preachin' to you.

Em                         Am        G  
I said don't trust him baby, now you know,

C                F                     G        C
You don't learn everything there is to know, in school.

  Em                         Am
2.Wouldn't believe me when I gave advice,

Em                   Am
I said that he was a tease,

Em                          Am     G
If you want help you better ask me nice,

C              F                  G      C
So be sincere, convince me with a pretty please.

        D              G
Chorus: Laugh, Laugh, I thought I'd die,

C                     F
It seemed so funny to me.

Bb            Eb
Laugh, Laugh, you met a guy

Ab                            G
Who taught you how it feels to be,

C   F   C   F  C    F -C
Lonely, oh, so lonely.

  Em                          Am
3.Don't think I'm bein' funny when I say,

Em                    Am
You got just what you deserve.

Em                         Am      G
I can't help feelin' you found out today,

C                      F                 G      C
You thought you were too good, you had a lot of nerve.

  Em                           Am
4.Won't say I'm sorry for the things I said,

Em                      Am
I'm glad he packed up to go.

Em                          Am    G
You kept on braggin' he was yours instead,

C                     F       G                  C
You found out you didn't know everything there is to know.

Chorus again:

  Em                     Am
5.Before I go I'd like to say one thing, 

Em                      Am
Don't close your ears to me,

Em                       Am             G
Take my advice and you'll find out that bein',

C            F                    G    C
Just another girl won't cause you misery.

  Em                      Am
6.You say you can get any boy at your call,

Em                  Am
Don't be so smug, or else,

Em                          Am       G
You'll find you can't get any boy at all,

C                     F            G      C
You'll wind up an old lady sittin' on the shelf.

Chorus, again:

   C  -F   C - F  C- F
7. Lonely, oh, so lonely...

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat!
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