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Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 12:43:44 -0400

Ok, this is a simplified version of "mexico", beck's song on the Rare on Air
compilation album.  It's missing the cool little solo parts in it, but i'm
not THAT good at guitar yet.  if anyone knows them, please post em!!!

Am                                                     G
Come gather round me people, here's a story you never heard

Am                                              G              Am
Bout me and my friends and some things that occured

Am                                              G
Thought we'd get some money, we thought that me might go

Am                                       G           Am
Spent the weekend pleasant, down in mexico

Am                                    G                          Am
I was workin at Mcdonalds, doing the late night run

Am                                                    G                  Am
when a car pulled up the drive thru and pointed out a gun

Am                                           G                        Am
said gimme all your money, and three big macs to go

Am                                         G                     Am
I stuffed them all in a sack and i ducked down below

Well the boss was angry when he found out that i didn't  call the police
I guess i was kinda nervous there was a warrant out on me
concerning some jaywalkin tickets i couldn't afford to pay
needless to say i got the axe that same day

Well me being outta work just then, i couldn't afford to go home
mom said if i lost this job i've have to go out on my own
so i went over to dave's house and i got really stoned
called up some girls but none of them were home

Steve came over and he brought some alcohol
we all got really depressed, just staring at the wall
we thought we'd get some money, we thought that we might go
spent the weekend pleasant, down in mexico

Steve's dad had a huntin rifle, and we went and picked it up
we stopped at a 7-11 to try out our luck
we pulled out that huntin rifle, but the counter guy just laughed
as he pulled out an uzi, we turned and hauled ass.

We ran so fast, till we came to the Mcdonalds where i used to work
we walked up to the drive thru and gave my boss a jerk
said give us all you money and 3 big macs to go
and suck on this you weasel, we're going to mexico

When we got there we got really wasted, dave got a case of the runs
we all got hungover and we were getting low on funds
steve and dave called there parents and took the bus back home.
me I got a job at Mcdonalds.....down in Mexico

I suck at tabs so if this is wrong tell me.

fellow beck fans!!!!!   we need more tabs out on nevada!!!!  it's
simple...just type out the tab, then send it to

anything will do, but his earlier/rarer stuff would be great.....and we need
lyrics too!!!

later folks,  ( my "permanent" address)
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