Bedhead – More Than Ever chords

C#m bar chord on the forth fret, B bar chord on the second. Play the A chord as an 
open A chord as well as the E. 

(I like to strum the chords softly with my thumb)

Bedhead - More Than Ever

C#m-B-A-EMore than ever it seems true to say
C#m-E-B-AThings won't always be this way
C#m-B-A-EThe ways we've thought to get this far
C#m-E-B-AAre as outdated as we are
E-B-C#m-EBut I won't change it and neither will you
C#m-E-A-EWhen what seemed the appropriate are now the wrong things to do
E-B-A-EIf in every act there's something good
C#m-B-A-EI haven't done all the good things I could
C#m-B-A-EAnd more than ever I know that's not true
C#m-E-B-AAre there any good thing left to do?
C#m-B-A-EAre there any right ways left to be?
C#m-E-B-AThat's not a question best left to me
E-B-A-ECause I won't say anything I should decide
C#m-E-A-EIf intentions aren't possible to hide
E-B-A-EI won't act any way I don't
C#m-B-A-EWant to reveal if you won't
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