Bedouin Soundclash – Stand Alone tab

					Stand Alone

					Bedouin Soundclash

Tabbed by Pyromaster

Key: C
No Capo
Standered Tuning

In This Song every chord is played w/ the pinky on the high E-string 3rd fret.

C Fe|---|---|-x-|---|---| e|---|---|-x-|---|---|B|-x-|---|---|---|---| B|-x-|---|---|---|---|G|---|---|---|---|---| G|---|-x-|---|---|---|D|---|-x-|---|---|---| D|---|---|-x-|---|---|A|---|---|-x-|---|---| A|---|---|---|---|---|E|---|---|-o-|---|---| E|---|---|-o-|---|---|
C*: A special pattern played constanly throughout song with the C chord
Intro: F C F C
C G Ce|--3-----1----3----------------------------|B|--1-----0----1----------------------------|G|--0-----0----0----------------------------|D|--2---0-0----2----------------------------|A|--3---2-2----3----------------------------|E|------3-3---------------------------------|
C* F C F C G C C* F C Oh sister down on the floor C* G C Enemy is at your door C* F C Sister during her civil war F C G C Say I won’t go until I stand alone (Chorus) C* F C I won’t go F C G C I won’t go until I stand alone C* F C I won’t go F C G C I won’t go until I stand alone C* F C So when my backs to the wall, C* G C During the relentless squall C* F C I can hear her mornings call F c G C I won’t go until I stand alone Chorus Ya! No Guitar Stand alone (stand alone) so I won’t go I wont go until I stand alone Stand alone (stand alone) So I won’t go I won’t go until I stand alone Ya! Bridge C* F c C* F C C* F C G C* F C And when the storm brakes C* F C And when the earth quakes C* F C G You make me know it won’t last C* F C But tied to the ships’ mast C* F C Your storm will soon pass C* F C G C* Standing alone you won’t be flown Chourus Repeated muiltiple times (Ending) No Guitar I won’t go I won’t go until I stand alone
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