Bee Gees – Turn Of The Century tab

			 Turn of the Century – Bee Gees
Tabbed by: maguri
Tuning: Standard

A little bit of a guilty pleasure but this tune is just so catchy! Not a guitar song as
but still nice to play and sing. In the Bee Gees' version the main instrument is a harpsichord.
In order to get the feel I mostly use the voicings suggested below and strike them hard and
short with a plec in the first part of the verses. The rest (starting with the C chord) can be
strummed ad lib.

(Barry Gibb/Robin Gibb)
From: Bee Gees 1st (1967)

Intro (semi-baroque woodwind) Am Am/G Am/F Am/E E/D E/C E/B Ee|----------------|----5-----------|---------------|---------------|B|----------------|------------5---|3-5-6----------|----6---5553---|G|----2-4-5-4—2---|----------------|-----------4---|---------------|D|----------------|----------------|---------------|---------------|A|----------------|----------------|---------------|---------------|E|----------------|----------------|---------------|---------------|
Am Am/G Am/F Am/E E/D E/C E/B Ee|----------------|----------------|----4-----------|--------------|B|----------------|------------5---|------------5---|--------------|G|----2-4-5-4—2---|--4-5-4-5-------|4---------------|----4---------|D|----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------|A|----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------|E|----------------|----------------|----------------|--------------|
Link (brass) Bb A D Bme|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|B|----3-5-6-5-3---|----2-3-5-3-2---|3--------------|--------------|G|--------------—-|----------------|-------------2-|4-------------|D|----------------|----------------|---------------|------------4-|A|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|E|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|
Em F# E F#e|----------------|----------------|--------2------|--------------|B|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|G|----------------|3---------------|----4-4--------|--------------|D|5-------------5-|----------------|---------------|--------------|A|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|E|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|
Outro (brass) C B E Bme|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|B|----5-7-8-7-5---|----4-5-7-5-4---|5--------------|--------------|G|--------------—-|----------------|-------------4-|6-------------|D|----------------|----------------|---------------|------------6-|A|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|E|----------------|----------------|---------------|--------------|
Em F# C#e|------------------|------------------|-----------------|B|------------------|------------------|-----------------|G|------------------|5-----------------|6----------------|D|7---------------7-|------------------|-----------------|A|------------------|------------------|-----------------|E|------------------|------------------|-----------------|
Intro | Am Am/G | Am/F Am/E | E/D E/C | E/B E | (2 times) Am Am/G Ev'rything's happening Am/F Am/E E/D E/C E/B E At the turn of the century. Am Am/G Am/F I'm gonna buy myself a time machine Am/E G G/A Go to the turn of the century. G/B G C Am And all those people passing by Bb G And the town crier makes his cry C Am At the turn of the century, C Am Turn of the century. Am Am/G Big wide hats and men in spats Am/F Am/E E/D E/C E/B At the turn of the century. E Am Am/G Am/F With those horseless carriages Am/E G G/A At the turn of the century. G/B G C Am And there are lots of things to do Bb G On a bicycle built for two C Am At the turn of the century, C Am Turn of the century. | Bb | A | D | Bm | Em | F# | E | F# | F# | (Link) Bm Bm/A Ev'rything's happening Bm/G Bm/F# F#/E F#/D F#/C# F# At the turn of the century. Bm Bm/A Bm/G I'm gonna buy myself a time machine Bm/F# A A/B A/C# Go to the turn of the century. A D Bm And all those people passing by C A And the town crier makes his cry D Bm At the turn of the century, D Bm Turn of the century. D G Turn of the century. | C | B | E | C#m | F#m | G# | C# (Outro)
e-B-G-D-A-EAm 0-1-2-x-x-x-----|Am/G 0-1-0-x-x-x---|Am/F 0-1-2-3-x-x---|Am/E 0-1-2-2-x-x---|E/D 0-0-1-0-x-x----|E/C 0-0-1-x-3-x----|E/B 0-0-1-x-2-x----|E 0-0-1-2-x-x------|G 3-3-0-0-x-3------|G/A 3-3-0-0-0-x----|G/B 3-3-0-0-2-x----|Bm x-3-4-4-2-x-----|Bm/A x-3-4-4-0-x---|Bm/G x-3-4-4-x-3---|Bm/F# x-3-4-4-x-2--|F#/E 2-2-3-2-x-x---|F#/D 2-2-3-0-x-x---|F#/C# 2-2-3-x-4-x--|F# 2-2-3-4-x-x-----|A/B 0-2-2-2-2-x----|A/C# (0)-2-2-2-4-x-|
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