Bee Gees – And The Sun Will Shine chords

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And The Sun Will Shine chords
The Bee Gees

D7 G D EmAnd the rain will fall,
C D Git falls for you.
And the clouds will
Bm Embreak into tears,
Bm Emyou should be here
Bm Em Am7standing so near to me.
D7 GmCept I know you
Fshould be sad.
Eb G#But give me time alone
Eb D7to get it out of my mind.
GmThough I say
F BbI know it's only the weather.
Eb G# 'Cause every time it rains
Ebyou are gone.
D7And I'm blue.
Then I wake up, then I wake up.
G D EmAnd the sun will shine
C D Gif just for you.
Bm EmAnd the trees will talk to the skies
Bm Emwhispering lies,
Bm Em Am7heaven will fly to me, yeah.
D7 GmTrains walk back
F Bband the birds disappear.
Eb G#But why am I still here
Eb D7without you by my side?
GmSo I cry your name
Fand know,
Eb G# Eb D7cause love to me is life and I live you.
Then I wake up, then I grow up.
G D EmAnd the rain will fall.
C D GIt falls for you.
BmAnd the clouds will break.
Bm EmYou should be here...
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