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Bee Gees – Emotions chords

 Bee Gees
 Tabbed by: JlV 
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F It's over and done,
(Dm) Am Dm But the heartache lives on inside (ohhhhh)
Gm And who is the one you´re clinging to,
C7 F Instead of me tonight.
Gm And where are you now,
Am Now that I need you,
Gm Tears on my pillow,
Am Where ever you go,
Gm I'll cry me a river
Am That´s leads to your ocean
Gm You´ll never see me fall apart
C C7 In the words of a broken heart
Dm Am It´s just emotion that's taking me over,
Dm Am Caught up in sorrow, lost in the song,
Dm or (Gm) But if you don´t come back,
Am Come home to me darling,
Gm You'll know there´s nobody
C Left in this world to hold me tight,
Gm C7 There´s nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight,
F Gm Goodnight (2x)
F I´m there, at your side,
(Dm) Am Dm A part of all the things you are,
Gm But you have a part of someone else,
C7 F You gotta go find your shining star.
F Gm F ..................... Goodnight (3)
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