Beecake – Friends And Lovers tab

Well, I am kinda surprised that this one hear was not so hard to figure out. Like I say, 
songs don't need difficult chords ;)
At the first verse I was not quite sure about the F or Am at the beginning of each line 
"she remembers" on), but you can play both!
Either F or Am, is not that important on this place.
My tip:
play B like this:
G 4
D 4
A 2
So, this here is pretty right I think.

Intro: Am G Am G Am G Am G

Am          G          Am    G
I see her walking past my window
Am                 G                               Am  G
With milk in her hands for the friends that she's made
F                G
Got tears in her eyes
                        Am    G       (F   G)
For the days that have gone away
F        G                     F   G
She remembers a handsome young man
F            G
And how he made her laugh
          F          G
When they ran, ran, ran

        F                  G
And the way he touched so gently
     F                   G
His eyes were blue and strong and free
         F      G
And they way he said
F   G
Marry me
Am    G
Marry me

E                  B
And she remembers kissing after dark
And the way he smiled
And played so wild
And the way her children laughed
             E          A               E       B
And how she prayed her days would last forever
           E        A
'cause he says her life was just her

E           B
Friends and lovers
E           B
Friends and lovers
E            B     Am G Am G
Friends and lovers

Am                G
I see her walking home
Am           G
Same time, same dress
Am                      G   Am             G
She wonders when her life became this messed

F                   G
She needs hello or how'd you do
She'll tell you her stories
     G             Am
How every word is true
  G                            Am   G (E)
She'll tell you every word is true

Refrain 1x
(at the end now: And now she prays her days won't last forever
'cause she says there's no life when you've)

E                  B
Got no friends and lovers
E                   B
Got no friends and lovers
E                   B
Got no friends and lovers

(end very quietly with E)

visit  !! they've put a new song called "in my arms" on the 
and it's such a cool, rocky thing! I love them ;)
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