Not Alone chords with lyrics by Before Their Eyes - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Before Their Eyes – Not Alone chords

Intro: F, C, Bb

DmWhen she was young,
BbShe was living the dream,
FWorries are gone,
CNothing was wrong at all or so it seemed,
DmReality stung,
BbThe whiskey bottle was dry,
FDaddy would scream,
CCause he is diseased and haunted all the time,
Dm---F Big girls don't cry Dm---F Big girls don't cry
Dm BbIt goes on til something happens,
F CYou gotta go and face it today,
Dm BbWhen you're gone nothing matters,
F C BbYou gotta stop running away asking "So what do you do?"
CYou gotta break through,
F C BbMake it on your own,
Dm Bb CIt goes on but I thought you should know,
F C BbYou're not alone
When he was young, He was living the dream, He has it all, Nothing can stop him now or so it seemed, Reality stung, Lost control of the wheel, It all went so fast can't remember the crash, This all seemed so unreal, Tough guys still try (chorus)
DmThere's a hand to hold,
You're not alone,
BbThis pain gets old like,
cracks in stone,
FJust taking back control,
CTaking back control
It goes on til something happens, You gotta go and face it today (chorus)
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